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Meet the VIP Dj's. All our Dj's have Their own Unique styles and experiences, Whether its Melodious background music or Something to get the crowd up and Dancing , Our experienced Dj's will work with you to personalise your music requirements and provide you with Setups that will suit your Budget.

DJ Hardeep - Biogaraphy

DJ Hardeep is a young, determined and hardworking individual who sets a great example of being a successful professional DJ.

Starting from a young age with a love for music, Hardeep has gone from strength to strength offering outstanding quality and extreme passion in all performances leading to becoming a well respected DJ.

Having an excellent knowledge of a range of music genres and specialising in mixing and scratching live combined with unique and professional techniques on the microphone ensures the crowd have a night to remember.

About VIP Entertainments

VIP Entertainments is one of the UK’s most prestigious discotheque companies boasting in over 25 years of experience and state of the art equipment, which is guaranteed to satisfy all clients.

We are experts in entertainment providing sound, visuals and lighting to create a perfect atmosphere for your special occasion.

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