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Meet the VIP Dj's. All our Dj's have Their own Unique styles and experiences, Whether its Melodious background music or Something to get the crowd up and Dancing , Our experienced Dj's will work with you to personalise your music requirements and provide you with Setups that will suit your Budget.

DJ VIPs - Biogaraphy

A household name in Scotland and the North, known around the country for rocking all sorts of events for over 20 years. DJ VIPS has won a number of awards and received countless press attention during his career. Amongst many other achievements Vip's runs one of the biggest Asian Record Labels in the UK & Europe - VIP Records. He was also on the founding committee of the Edinburgh Mela, the first of its kind in Scotland. Being a respected name in the music industry his biggest passion still remains his DJing, He feels at home behind the decks. No matter how big or small the event, DJ VIPS is known for giving his 100%. This is the reason why even after 20 years he still is in huge demand.

With the release of his debut album "Party Time" in 2005 DJ VIPs became known further afield , he now does gigs regularly all over the UK and has played at venues all around the World Whilst having a huge demand for his services which he could not meet , Vip's went on to set up VIP Entertainments, which now has 6 quality DJs , many live performers and a professional reputation for reliability, quality and excellent delivery of the service. Vip's has personally given a lot of input to his team to ensure the quality remains.

DJ VIPs still continues to rock dance floors around the country and is booked well in advance, customers have in some cases even changed the dates of their events just so they can have him behind the decks. I don't think DJ VIPs needs to say anything about the quality of his service as his customers take care of that for him.

About VIP Entertainments

VIP Entertainments is one of the UK’s most prestigious discotheque companies boasting in over 25 years of experience and state of the art equipment, which is guaranteed to satisfy all clients.

We are experts in entertainment providing sound, visuals and lighting to create a perfect atmosphere for your special occasion.

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